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  • SunsetNews Day 15

    SunsetNews Day 15

    Ahoy, today is day 15 of our passage to paradise. Our day began with leftover birthday cake, covered with fresh fruits. I think it could be way worse than this! We are all quite well out here with just one case of seasickness. Unfortunately patch is the one who’s sick and she’s dealing with heavy...
  • SunsetNews day 14

    SunsetNews day 14

    Ciao! My day started with the last night watch from 5am to 8am. A full moon hidden behind clouds and dolphins swimming and jumping close by. Everyone was relaxing, reading, watching a movie or napping. Except of Fay. She started preparing a yummi birthday cake and the captains favorite dinner for his birthday. Everyone was...
  • SunsetNews Day 13

    SunsetNews Day 13

    Ahoy, You won’t believe me what happened today.. but I’m telling you anyway.. When we asked for permission to anchor in Isla Clarion, which is only inhabited by 9 persons maintaining a small military or navy base, we got told that there is a ship coming the next morning and we might have to leave....
  • SunsetNews day 12

    SunsetNews day 12

    Ahoy, Making landfall is an exciting moment. From the time you spot a gray shade of land far on the horizon the excitement grows. You knew it. It must be there soon. Preferably right in front of the now, but even with challenging winds or currents you know the bearing. When it finally shows up,...
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